Here at Roarsville Primary, we want to give you material and resources to help you do the little things at home with your child that lay strong foundations for learning in Early Literacy and Numeracy.

Parents are powerful! 



Read about Dot Yeti as she learns to count and find our PARENT CONTENT below.

 One-to-One Correspondence Video

Dinner Time With Dot


Print out and feed Dot together to help your child learn about one-to-one correspondance.

As your child's understanding develops, the resource can be used for simple addition and subtraction i.e. How much food will Dot eat if she has three carrots and two sausages.

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Counting Songs

Why don't you print out our counting song posters and stick them to your fridge? 


Counting songs are great for helping your little one learn. Make sure to use your fingers as you're singing to help with one-to-one correspondence. 

Songs that count backwards from 10 are a great first step towards subtraction.

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