Secret Yeti Agent Challenges

Secret Yeti Agent Training


"This has put a real PEP in my lessons, and the FUN back in what teaching is about!"

"My students grades 2 and 3 were enriched by the Get Set Yeti: Growth Mindset Program: Secret Yeti Agent Challenge. Each week for 4 weeks, students would tune-in for Yeti Challenges. We learned the concepts through play and fun. When I did comprehension checks, my students had full-understanding of the Growth Mindset ideas and applications! We completed the unit but the challenges and learning continues to be discussed! Parents have stated that their children were having fun, and some challenges had the whole family involved!!! The applications of the unit extend beyond the 4 walls of the school. The Growth Mindset Program has uses in every setting. I appreciated the developer's input and special touches, like making the photos of our area! 

In summary, every school needs this program! The lessons are well-planned and fun! The connections and applications are expansive. It reaches all subject areas. I was thrilled to share the Secret Yeti Agent Challenges with my school."



They were all about the challenges, from the blanket den to the pawprints ...
we loved the funny accents too!!!"


"What I love best as we move through the program is the play-based learning. Your ability to integrate education and play is phenomenal! The kids are truly getting and understanding Growth Mindset while having so much fun.

I actually had a family stop their car as they drove by me walking my dog to tell how much fun they are having with the Yeti challenges."


"The kids are so excited to see the Yeti Agents in the photos of their school. The personal touches and support troughout the programme has been amazing!"