• Choose Your Mindset adventure story

 Get Set Yeti are working in partnership with Carolina House Foster Care Trust to develop practical tools to ensure IMPACT in their commitment to fulfil THE PROMISE. 

This is being achieved by providing digital and hands-on resources to further GROWTH MINDSET development for their young people, foster carers and staff; embedding resilience and increasing confidence in their daily lives. 

We additionally aim to provide opportunities for ‘bonding’ though shared experience; walking the journey together through practical application, understanding and consolidation. 

As each partner has their own unique set of aims, objectives and needs to be met, we use Creative Process Design to make sure our partners and their end users are consistently at the heart of what we produce. Our team of seasoned educators, authors, artists, musicians, web designers and sector consultants make sure each project is special, and impactful for it’s scope of users ... and far exceeds expectations.