Our MIDDLE SCHOOL GROWTH MINDSET PROGRAMME encourages children to expand their knowledge and understanding of Growth Mindset through becoming Secret Yeti Agents.

The programme provides SECRET YETI AGENT TRAINING to develop Growth Mindset and embed it in day-to-day learning, then offers a programme of SPY CHALLENGES and a PLAYGROUND FIELD TRAINING GUIDE to enable your learners to practise and develop their skills. 

Our material uses GOAL SETTING as a key tool within this process. We want your children to feel like successful learners, where they are happier and more willing to stretch themselves. We want them to understand that SHORT, SMART, STRETCHES are a more positive way forward than setting lofty, hard to reach goals that leave them frustrated or disheartened.

We've set out our AGENT CHALLENGES in the order we think works best, but the programme is adaptable to the needs, stage and restrictions within your teaching situation.

We've included a customisable challenge template below for you to use for your ongoing classroom learning, should you want to pick up the theme in other curriculum areas.

Getting Started

Introduce our programme to your students with our first video from Agent Y,  found in STAGE ONE of your Yeti Challenges. Once you've listened to Agent Y's message, encourage your students to write a letter accepting the mission then leave it on your desk to be collected by Secret Yeti Agent opperatives at midnight!

Replace their letter with the first downloadable resource, a letter from Yeti HQ, inviting your students to become Secret Yeti Agent Trainees.

Work through the AGENT TRAINING material to help your students learn about developing a strong Growth Mindset and enjoy our TRAINEE AGENT CHALLENGES and PLAYGROUND FIELD TRAINING as a vehicle to help you coach and encourage your students as they practise their skills. 

Other videos from Agent Y, found on our AGENT CHALLENGE pages, complement the material in the rest of the programme and should be used to build interest and enthusiasm from your students.  


Programme Resources