• Set up your yetis with letter ten before the session. 
  • Read out the letter and decide to have a yeti party!
  • Make Yeti Paper Chains to decorate the hall.
  • Ice some cupcakes as yetis. 
  • Have celebration headbands cut-out ready to fit.
  • Ask your parents to arrive earlier for pick-up and present certificates to your Rainbow pack.


  • Yet and Dot in a box
  • Yet and Dot Plush Yetis
  • Yeti Den
  • Yeti Letter Ten (below)
  • Yeti Paper Chain Printable Sheets (below) / Glue Stick or Stapler
  • Cupcake Info (below) / Cupcakes / Icing / Sweets
  • Ready Cut Headbands (below)
  • Certificates (below)