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It's important for children to understand that people are good at different things in different ways. Everyone should get the chance to shine in their own way, especially through practicing and keeping trying.

You could help your child understand by playing the game below together. It'll help to point out that the more they try, the better they become at finding yetis.


Have fun with a game of Yeti Hide and Seek!

Click to print (or draw) a yeti hiding team.


  • Parent Power Battery
Yetis think of all learning as GRRS AND ROARS. 

A 'GRRR', to yetis, is something that they're learning and working on that they haven't managed YET and a ROAR is something they've worked hard on to learn to do.

It's important, especially for children, to pick manageable goals to help build their self-esteem and belief in their ability to manage even tricky learning through keeping trying.

Why don't you try our printable 'Grrs and ROARS' poster on your fridge and use our additional printed sheet to make learning fun by blu-tacking your child's grrs and roars to it, moving and changing them as you go.  Make sure you add a couple of ROARS that they've already achieved to help your child pick up the idea, and let them know how brilliantly they kept trying to get there!

Why don't you help your child learn by adding some of your grrs and ROARS too?