Wayne Yeti - Lead Singer and Guitar


When he's not playing with the Yeti Band, Wayne works in Yeti HQ with 'Yeti-Net' (the paw-to-paw computer network) helping to keep yetis connected around the world and their yeti clans safely hidden.

Wayne's favourite thing to do is to play his guitar, and he can always be found around Yeti HQ humming the tune to the latest song he's busy writing for the band.

Some yetis whisper that Wayne looks remarkably like 'Secret Yeti Agent Y' ... but that is something he will neither confirm or deny!

Sticks Yeti  -  Drums


It's been said, that Sticks was born with a pair of drumsticks in his paws. When he was a little yeti, Sticks would pick up pencils, spoons and branches and bang them on anything he could find until his grown-ups (who Sticks tells us had taken to stuffing moss in their ears) bought him his first drum kit and helped him to learn properly. 

As the music teacher at Pawsville Primary, Sticks loves to get classes singing along to the band's songs and organises the 'Yeti Pawtomime' each year at Christmas.

Although Sticks likes to drum hard, he tries to be careful when the snow is really heavy on Yeti Mountain ... his solos have been known to start avalanches!! 

Rory Yeti  -  Rythm Guitar


Apart from playing with the Yeti Band, Rory's other passion is science and he runs 'The Wonder Workshop' with his assistants Joe and Ssssid. If you've ever wondered how something works, Rory is the yeti to ask as he loves sharing stories of inventors.

Rory often combines his love of science and music, coming up with some unusual music effects for his bandmates. His friends love Rory's inventions, but they sometimes have to remind him that although he can make a microphone sound like a screechy owl or a warty toad, it doesn't mean that he should!!

Rory is a bit of a legend amongst yetis for other reasons ... his snowy fur helped him take first place at the latest winter hide-and-seek championships, disappearing so well into the snow that officials had to crown him as 'UNFOUND' ... a rare honour amongst yetis!

Maya Yeti  -  Keyboard


Maya is always busy looking after things at Yeti HQ, but enjoys taking time out to play keyboard with the Yeti Band. Though yetis sometimes find the keys on human keyboards tricky, Rory solved the problem for Maya by designing an amazing keyboard specially made for yeti sized paws.

Maya's job at Yeti HQ means that she sometimes has to travel long distances, but often Wayne and the Yeti Band go along too, playing concerts for yetis all over the world.

Maya enjoys writing stories and often writes the lyrics to the Yeti Bands songs. She loves answering the band's fan mail and has a huge noticeboard in her office covered in the pictures and drawings they send. 

Ssssid Snake  -  (Guest) Percussion


Snakes often live harmoniously alongside yetis and Ssssid works in the 'Wonder Workshop' with Rory and their friend Joe.

As Ssssid doesn't have any hands or paws, he found it difficult to hold his shaker when he first played with the band, but he worked hard building his snakey-muscles and can now play shakers, bongos and a tambourine all at once if the need arises. 

Ssssid loves encouraging the audience to join in with the band and often has them swaying and clapping along to the music ... he's quite an amazing snake!

Joan Yett  -  Bass Guitar


Joan comes from a clan of musical yetis and has sang and played guitar since she was a tiny fluffball.

She enjoys travelling with the yeti band, collecting old songs along the way, looking for clues for the 'Department of Mysteries'.  Before 'Yeti-Net', stories used to get passed from one yeti to another through songs, and Joan often finds a lead to investigate! 

Though you'd never guess looking at her now, Joan started out in the band as a really shy yeti, hiding at the back of the stage behind the speakers. Luckily for us, once she had played a few times, she found her love of performing and became the rock chick we know and love today!