Can you and your grown-up use Joe's book to work out what he's written in Braille?


Why don't you try writing your name in Braille and use your pencil to punch through the paper
(with some plasticine or blutack underneath) to make proper letter holes to feel?

Louis enjoyed playing Dominos with his familiy.

He joined in when he couldn't see by feeling the spots with his fingers.


Why don't you print out this sheet of Yeti Dominos and play a game with your grown-up?



Put the dominoes face down on the table and mix them up.
Each player takes 6 dominoes to start.

The remaining dominoes are left on the table
(these are the "sleeping" dominoes).

Remember to hide your dominos from the other players!
The youngest player goes first.


The first player places one of their dominoes (right-side up) on the table.

The second player tries to put a domino on the table that matches one side of what's already there. If a player cannot go, the player picks a domino from the ‘sleeping’ pile and skips that turn.


The chain of the played dominoes will eventually look like a snake!

Keep taking turns putting dominoes on the board (or picking one from the pile if you cannot go) until someone wins.


The winner is the first person to get rid of all of their dominoes.


If all the players get stuck and can't play, then the person with the fewest dominos left is the winner.