Once you've read the story of the Yet-Together, check out the bottom of the page and print out your own ROARING competition.

  • Grrs and roars title box. Dot and Yet yeti.

Help your yetis roar their loudest
at your own YETI  YET-TOGETHER.


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Tips to encourage trying



How your child feels about 'trying' has a big impact on their ability to keep going when they find something difficult.


Feeling happy to 'keep going' unlocks potential ... when your child feels confident in their ability to learn, they become much more willing to stretch themselves and enjoy being challenged. 

Encourage trying with the ROAR-O-METER!

Try this printable Roar-O-Meter to help your child feel their confidence growing when they try something new.

Colour in the yetis, and map their confidence as it grows, turning their Grrrs into ROARS!

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If you'd like to SUPERSIZE your ROAR-O-Meter we have a fab poster version in the YETI SHOP!