The Department of Mysteries

Nessie The 

Loch Ness Monster

Have you ever wondered why mysterious creatures stay mysterious when there are so many people looking for them? Although there are lots of yeti hunters around, one of the most searched for creatures is Nessie The Loch Ness Monster.

As you’re in the Department of Mysteries we’re going to let you into a secret … there are actually lots of Nessie families living in an underground lagoon that can be reached by a secret tunnel deep in the dark depths of Loch Ness, being kept safe by a secret clan of Scottish Yetis.

Long ago Nessies used to swim happily up and down the loch, but one sunny day a young Nessie was out of the water playing with its yeti friends when it was nearly hit by a car!

All of a sudden, 'Nessie Fever’ hit the loch and swarms of tourists and scientists wanted to find, photograph and even capture the amazing creatures. Both the Nessies and the yetis were worried, none of them wanted to be seen by human people for fear they might end up in the zoo! 

After a long search to find the right place hidden safely away from humans, they decided to live together in the lagoon caves and only come out for a swim in the dead of night when all the human people were tucked up in their beds or safely zipped inside their tents. 

To try and make the humans feel silly for thinking there was anything in the loch, the yetis took turn to build nessie models from sticks and pinecones, then floated them down towards the people searching to help convince them that it was all made up.

These days there are still hundreds of boat trips full of tourists with binoculars riding up and down the loch, but thanks to the yetis and their pine cone nessies, most of them think it's just a bit of fun and look in completely the wrong place. 

We think the world is a much nicer place with these lovely gentle creatures left in peace, don't you? 


Next time you're out for a walk in the woods, why don't you have a go at making your own Nessie creatures from pinecones and twigs? 


Do you think you could fool the Nessie hunters from far away? 


Why don't you take some pinecones home to see how well they float?