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The Blackpool Yetis


Did you know that yetis love mysteries so much, they sometimes cause them to happen?

Most yetis live hidden deep in forests but some yeti clans live in buildings, making homes in forgotten places where no one thinks to look.

There are yetis who live hidden in museums, there are yetis who live hidden inside monuments, but one particular clan of yetis have made their home hidden in one of the busiest buildings in Britain … Blackpool Tower! 

The yetis who live there love their Tower hidey-hole! When the last caretaker turns his key at the end of the night the yetis slip out from their hiding place under the tower’s wooden circus ring and turn on the glitter ball in the ballroom; dancing the hours away until most of the humans in Blackpool have tired themselves out and gone to bed.

The yetis take turns to keep watch through a special viewing window at the top of the tower for the perfect time to sneak out. They love the Blackpool streets full of glittering lights, and since the illuminations were first switched on, the yetis have always looked after them – checking the bulbs and repairing any loose wires.

The humans who look after the light displays during the day scratch their heads. The illuminations seem magical … not just in their amazing appearance, but because the bulbs seem to last for ever!

All sorts of engineers have visited Blackpool to try to understand why the bulbs seem to never to flicker or go out. They’ve come up with many ideas and theories and as strange and unusual as their ideas may be, they’d never guess it was yetis!!

Have your own 'Yeti Dance Party'!


Enjoy a pretend spin round the Blackpool Ballroom with our Yeti Finger Puppets.


Can you make them dance to your favourite song?

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Try the Yeti Cha-Cha-Cha!


The yetis have sneaked into the Blackpool Tower rehersal studio to play at dressing-up.

Follow the moves below with your grown-up and try the Yeti Cha-Cha-Cha to your favourite song.

Help the yetis look after the
Blackpool Illuminations. 



Can you count the number of neon shapes that make these Blackpool Illuminations?


How many neon squares, rectangles, triangles and circles make up each light picture?


How many blue, pink and yellow neon shapes make up each light picture?


How many circles, how many squares and how many triangles can you count in the whole picture?


(Get a grown-up to help you if it's tricky)