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Have you ever wondered about Stonehenge and why the great blocks of stone stand in a circle?

Scientists have lots of different ideas ... some think that people from long ago used to look through the stones at the stars to work out when it was going to change from summer to winter and others think that it was an ancient, mystical meeting place. They're actually really close to being right, but what the scientists don’t know is that it has nothing at all to do with people, it’s the site of the Yeti Pawthanon!

Long ago yeti clans would travel from far and wide, crossing oceans in their wooden boats and walking secretly through miles of forests, to reach special yeti ‘Yet-Together’ celebrations at the end of each summer.

Yetis are peaceful creatures and set huge stone blocks in a circle at their gathering place to show that each clan was as important and special as the next. Once the blocks were set, they balanced long flat rocks on top as a sign of the links between them - stretching out their paws in friendship across the land and sea.    

Late at night, at these Yet-Togethers, the yetis loved to catch up with old friends round the fire and used burnt wood to draw pictures on their huge stones sharing stories and news from their villages. Some of the yetis drew pictures of animals that lived in their forests, and some drew pictures of humans to scare each other. It didn’t matter at all whether the pictures were good or bad – the yetis had lots of fun!

You might think with so many tourists visiting Stonehenge these days, the yetis would have built a new hidden Pawthanon, but in the dead of night you can still find yetis drawing at Stonehenge. These days they wash off their drawings before they leave early in the morning and luckily the barriers keep tourists from getting too close to notice any pawprints left on the ground.

If you ever get the chance to visit The Pawthanon at Stonehenge in the middle of summer, make sure you take binoculars with you and look carefully at the stones … you never know what you might still see!

Join in with the Yet-Together!

Colour in the Pawthanon.


Add some pictures to the stone blocks to tell your yeti friends all about you! 


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 Story Stones

A fun way to tell your favourite story together!


Next time you're at the beach, or digging in the garden, why don't you collect some stones or pebbles to take home? Once you wash them carefully,  you can paint the stones with the characters or places in your favourite books and use them to retell the story in your own words. 

Take turns telling parts of the story with the stones ... it doesn't matter if the story changes from the origional, as long as you have fun together! 


Once you've practised, why don't you share your story with someone else you love?