Wow, look at this hedgehog filled picture from Cassie!


Unfortunately it's a little too chilly for hedgehogs on our snowy Yeti Mountain. Hedgehogs normally sleep through most of the winter and if they lived here, they might never get out of bed!

I'm not sure about a hedgehog for a pet ... what if it sneaked under your duvet just before you jumped in ... OUCH!!! 

We've found 6 hedgehogs hiding in Cassie's picture, can you spot them?

Glad you like our music Jamie!

As Yeti HQ is one of the most secret places in the yeti world we can't invite you to a concert, but look out for a new song from our yeti album in each issue.

We'll send you our band photo and get everyone to pawtograph it.

We've just been interviewed for 'Roarsome Rock Magazine'

if you click here you can read all about us in the article.


What a fantastic picture of Yet and Dot!


Well done Zoe, you've really managed to catch their cheeky smiles.

I love getting your pictures and can't wait to hang them up! 


Hello Annie and Daniel.
We love getting photos of our ROARSOME yeti friends!


Annie, your yeti roar looks so loud you might even make our yetis jump!!

Daniel really wanted Yet and Dot to be in his birthday photo, hope you like chocolate honey cake Daniel?


Send in your photos ... you might be lucky enough to find your favourite yetis standing beside you too.  

Can the real yetis come for a sleepover?

John emailed to ask ... Although they'd love to come, yetis roar and drool in their sleep. We wouldn't want you to wake up with soggy pillows and grumpy neighbours!