Dot, Swirly and Whirly all had a wonderful time in the Art Bubble Fab Lab as they splashed paint, squished glue, added sparkles and created amazing pictures. Dot loved having fun with the Art Bubble yetis and it wasn't long before her blue, scribbly, grumbling, jaggy feeling had disappeared!

Have Fun With Our Art Bubble Activity ...

Mark Making

  • Take a big sheet of white paper, or selotape four smaller sheets together.
  • Collect as many different things as you can to paint with ... different-sized paintbrushes, disposable forks, spoons, sticks, sponges, corks, bottle tops strips of cardboard, string, wool, bubble wrap, pebbles, leaves, cotton reels, wooden beads, buttons and a washing-up liquid bottle (for squirting paint!). 
  • Help your child to choose some of their favourite colours of paint. You might like to try adding some natural essences to the paint such as mint or vanilla (try to use a different one for each colour). Talk about the different smells with your child before adding them to the paints and let them choose which colour they think matches. 
  • Model for your child how to carefully print by using your own selected materials. Now it is your child’s turn! 
  • Let them explore, experiment with colour, texture, sound and smell through printmaking and mark-making, talking as you print together about their choices and why they have made them.
  • Parent Power Battery

This activity is all self-expression. Mark-making is the foundation of writing - this is where it starts!

Giving your child the opportunity to express their ideas and preferences about processes and objects is the starting point of being able to express and explore their feelings.