Sharing Stories / Fine Motor Skills 

Parent Learning Outcomes


  • Parents will better understand the importance of sharing stories with their children for positive attachment, development of vocabulary and imagination and reading skills.
  • Parents will better understand that there are many ways to ‘share’ a story.
  • Parents will be given tips to help with their children’s literacy development.
  • Parents will be made aware of the positive difference that can be made praising their children’s efforts rather than their abilities.
  • Parents will feel more confident sharing stories in different ways and will feel more confident to do so. 
  • Parents will better understand the need to help their children to build their fine motor skills for writing and how they can do this simply at home.
  • Parents will experience what it feels like for their children as emerging writers and will be better able to support their children with deeper understanding.
  • Parents will feel confident to use the session's resources as a starting point to help their children develop their skills at home.



Sharing Stories Video

A 'Wee Me' Example Story

Digital Yeti Stories

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