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Hello! We'd love to tell you a little bit about Growth Mindset and how it can help your children develop into more confident, resilient learners.

Children who develop a Growth Mindset are much more likely to enjoy stretching their abilities by taking on a challenge and are much less likely to be put off by mistakes. They have the confidence to know that it's ok not to understand or be able to do what they set out to straight away ... it just means that they haven't got there YET and that they'll get there through perseverance and determination. 

Growth Mindset Video

Yeti Talk

We hope you enjoy sharing our 'Yeti Talk' cartoons as an illustration of some of the concepts mentioned in our videos.

A Little Extra Reading

We've included some extra reading, for those of you who would like more information. If you have any comments or questions at all, please don't hesitate to get in touch through our contact page. 

Family Video

If you'd like to talk about Growth Mindset with your children and speak about what they've been learning at school, this video will help your discussion. 

Using Growth Mindset With Your Child

It can be difficult changing the way you praise your child to focus on the effort they put into a task rather than the outcome.

This resource offers some ideas to get you started. When your child recognises that you value how much effort and perseverance they've put into a task they'll hold them with the same importance.  

Colouring Sheets

We hope you enjoy our printable Growth Mindset colouring sheets. We love seeing pictures at Yeti HQ, if you'd like to show us your work you can email maya@getsetyeti.com who'll get back to you. Maya also loves answering any questions your children might have about life on Yeti Mountain!