We are an educational programme and resource provider who supports schools, nurseries and community settings to teach resilience and build learning confidence through developing a Growth Mindset.

We provide training and resources for educators to help support parents' understanding of their importance as their 'children’s first educators' and provide them with the resources to do the small things at home that have a big impact in building the foundations for school in Early Literacy and Early Numeracy.

We also offer a digital family 'Get Set Yeti' magazine to help parents support their children to develop a Growth Mindset from the onset in a fun and entertaining format ... each yeti filled issue full of comic strips, stories, songs, printables and activities.



In order to thrive in education, children need to develop the skills to fall forward ... to see mistakes as part of the process of learning ... to use them to build understanding and gain the learning confidence needed to enjoy being challenged. 

Covid19 has further widened the spectrum of learning differentiation in children due to socio-economic advantage, parental confidence, and the legacy of mental health issues. There has never been a more important point in time to equip children with the skills to develop learning resilience, to be able to self-regulate and to support parents to positively impact early learning.  

We use storytelling and character-based learning to draw children in and capture their imagination. Our material is thematically pitched to make it age accessible and engaging, helping children take onboard the content provided. Our process integrates into the whole curriculum and purposefully changes children’s mindset in a proven, positive way.

We work in partnership with parents to help them to understand just how much they have to offer their children’s learning development and give them the tools to make the process a pleasure.

Our digital, on-line learning platform has a comprehensive range of e-books, videos and resources to meet the needs of schools, educators and parents.

We are globally accessible and have schools and parents using our system in the UK and United States, but we are ambitious to branch out to many more schools and parents. We hope to meet the gap in early school Growth Mindset provision and address the growing gap in children’s ability to take on the learning curriculum when starting school.

Our core team are available ‘in-person’ (in the East of Scotland) and through zoom to deliver training and learning programmes. We plan to expand our face-to-face training and workshop delivery option in the near future to be able to enhance our ‘hands-on’ customer focussed approach far and wide!

We specialise in ‘train-the-trainer workshops to enable key members of staff to both train others in your establishment and to use our programmes to support your parents. 

  • The Who

Get Set Yeti was created by Carol Arnott, a creative, education practitioner from the East coast of Scotland.

Qualified in Primary Education (B Ed Primary), Community Learning and Development (PG Cert CLD) and Adult Guidance (PG Dip Adult Guidance) Carol has combined her seasoned experience in education with creative learning to bring you our Get Set Yeti material.

Pre-Covid19, we existed as ‘Growth Mindset Yeti’ and delivered teacher training and parent workshops in a (where we could reasonably drive to) face-to-face format, but a dedicated 18 months of redesign and digital creation has transformed our offering into something a little bit special, grown our team, and enabled us to re-enter the educational arena, digitally accessible, and without geographical limits … rocketing forward with new content and resources!