Why Launch a Growth Mindset Magazine For Families?


From my first introduction to Growth Mindset I’ve strongly believed it to be one of the most important and impactful gifts that can be given to children. Embedding tools to become resilient in learning not only opens worlds of possibility, it also gives children the confidence and bravery to push forwards towards them.

So why do we traditionally wait until children are older at school to learn these skills and have to unpick potential problems and anxieties?

Although school is central to teaching academic skills and knowledge, children’s attitudes towards learning are largely formed at home. Telling parents about using Growth Mindset from the off helps them wire little brains to believe in keeping trying and see mistakes as something to build on rather than a weighty rock to drag round … carrying mistakes is exhausting!

Our magazine format and character-based activities make learning a pleasure to share. We gently introduce Growth Mindset thinking through yeti adventures, interlaced with entertaining and engaging content on a range of topics, including early literacy and early numeracy.

Our Yetis are big on using the ‘Y’ word … "I can't do it YET, but I will if I keep on trying!" Teaching children that effort and perseverance are the most important thing in learning is powerful. Resilient learners often outstrip children with a natural aptitude as they’re able to keep going, even when they find things difficult, as they have the security to know they can impact change through action.